School Security Solution

With the evolution of technology and software, use of CCTV recording and transmitting images or videos has become very imperative for all business. CCTV enables in providing an alternate human eye be it office or Vehicle. CCTV Surveillance systems are commonly used at stores, airports, railways station and other public or private places which can be a high risk location for human beings. The school bus transportation system is under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school children and their parents, but also to provide safety features for the students.

School Attendance System

Every modern educational institute providing quality education to students, with excellent infrastructure, takes pride in providing an environment to promote the progress of its students. In today’s fast paced world being the best and providing the best facility is of utmost importance. At the same time with today’s social and political problems, Schools and Parents are required to take definite steps to tackle the additional responsibility of ensuring the safety of their children while they are at School care.

With the influence of the media, opulent lifestyles, increasingly busy parents and worst of all sheer peer pressure, the best of and the most disciplined of children are coerced/ influenced into missing school, resulting in the parents believing their children are at school, when actually their whereabouts are unaccountable.

School Student Attendance System

ID8 presents the ID8 Student School Attendance System which works in the most efficient way which works on RFID Technology. Each student would be given a Smart ID card which would have unique student information which would be embedded that would be only read by the school ID8 Student School Attendance System. This card will also have the Photograph, name, class, roll number printed for visual identity.

The advantages of implementing the ID8 Student School Attendance System

•Elimination of manual attendance.
•Daily, Weekly, Monthly automated reports through web based portal.
•Accountability of Staff attendance as well.
•Track of working hours of staff and their stay in school for duty.


Cashless Canteen System

Entwine Technologies have come up with ID8 Cash Free School Solution which enables in securing the students against any potential danger, risks or even abusive use of money for that matter.

ID8 Cash Free School Solution help schools to refrain from any unauthorized activities inside the school campus. Be it school food canteen, paying school term fees, buying books or even paying late fee in the school library for not returning the book on time. Any monitory transaction within the school premises can be done with the use of a simple, slim smart card. The smart card stops children from carrying cash to school as they might lose it or use it in an abusive way. ID8 Cash Free School Solution is a truly flexible designed hardware and software system built to meet school’s specific requirements.

Benefits of the ID8 Cash Free School Solution

•Daily Spending limits can be pre set.
•Card can be used at all chosen outlets – canteen, stationary store, tug shop, book shop.
•Dietary control by placing restrictions on items – for allergy & health issues.
•No more small change as parents simple pre-order, cheque or pay online.
•All collected data is encrypted and transmitted wirelessly via – GSM/GPRS networks to xiTix secure servers. All access will be web-based allowing users anywhere access to managing data.
•SMS Alerts when balance is running low and when refilled again
•Encourage & reward children for making healthier eating choices
•All deposits banked to the school – in advance
•Reduced rises related to allergies, bullying and theft.
•Discourages the misuse of school food money through spending in shows and hawkers outside the school
•Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service
•Detailed reports to analyze all aspects of the use of the system


Library Management System

Library is regarded as the brain of any institute; many institutes understand the importance of the library to the growth of the institute and their esteem students. Therefore schools across the globe have started to use Library Management System to speed up the check in/out process as well as control the theft and ease of inventory control in library.

Library Management System

ID8 presents the ID8 Library Management System which works in the most efficient way which is a mixture of RFID and Barcode technology; we have created an ideal solution for schools to manage their libraries. Each student would be given an ID card which would have unique student information which would be embedded that would be only read by the school ID8 Library Management System. This card will also have the Photograph, name, class, roll number printed for visual identity.

The advantages of implementing the ID8 Library Management System

•Reduces errors and eliminating the ennui of long and repetitive manual processing.
•Greater accountability and transparency in operations.
•Automated SMS / emails for reminders to parents informing about the child’s enquiry about a particular book.
•Complete inventory control of all the books in the library.