Student Security Solution (ID8)

With the evolution of technology and software, use of CCTV recording and transmitting images or videos has become very imperative for all business. CCTV enables in providing an alternate human eye be it office or Vehicle. CCTV Surveillance systems are commonly used at stores, airports, railways station and other public or private places which can be a high risk location for human beings. The school bus transportation system is under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school children and their parents, but also to provide safety features for the students.

School Security Solution Bus Security Solution


Restaurant Application

This application is developed for restaurants to get customer's feedback. If any customer give bad rating then the manager on the floor will get the notification and take action accordingly. This app tracks the customer visits and provide a game to win coupons.

Real Time Survey App    

Khao (App For Cinema Food)

Khao is an app for the cinema buffs and the food lovers. Its an connivence app for people who would want to browse through a menu at their own sweet time /pace and order food to their seat without doing any effort while watching a movie in a cinema hall.  It is to bring them the extra joy of ordering whatever food they enjoy.. They get to see all the food that is available, get to read reviews and post feedbacks for items or vendors. They get to see estimated delivery time for the items they have ordered as well as place an order for pick up if they are running late for the movies.  This app high lightens the connivence and joy factory  which you would experience while watching a movie at your home.