We provide B2B engineering services with end-to-end product development of customized IoT Hardware,Sensors & Embedded Devices.

Customized IoT Hardware
with Integrated Sensors

We specialize in developing bespoke IoT Devices that seamlessly retrofit within existing ecosystems.

We design honest, fit-for-purpose solutions that are simple to install, practical to use & easy to maintain.

Every product is specifically engineered to be commercially viable & deployable at scale.

Why Choose Us?

The Indian markets have been facing technical and economic challenges with imported security and surveillance components. With years of experience and research, we have built disruptive technology with our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities to bring a revolution in security and surveillance system and bridge the gap.


Entwine Technologies aims to deliver security, tracking and telematics hardware and software, conforming to international standards and satisfying the requirements and the expectations of our customers in respect of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability.


Its vision is to offer the highest quality security solutions and its integration for the school, logistics and other industries, at competitive prices and with excellent customer support.